KOA, Natural Bridge, Virginia

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Updated: 23 Nov 2016

Problems from the January stay seemed to be taken care of. The low temperature last night was about 29. That was too cold for grilling so dinner was inside. We had nice hot showers and updated facilities.

No highway noise even though the campground is only a stone’s throw from I-81.

Updated: 8 Jan 2016

We were upgraded to a full hookup site after being told that they were having water pressure problems. And the bathrooms were being worked on (they needed it) but functional. We cranked up the heat and settled in for another cold night in Natural Bridge.

In the morning we found no water at all in the bathrooms and after letting the owners know we waited. About an hour went by and we saw no evidence that there would be any. Not good if you’re catering to RVs and most of your traffic is winterized and heading south. Another camper farther up the hill had no pressure at his site. Even though is was 25 degrees, we dewinterized, filled up and heated enough water for sponge baths and moved on.

Friendly people but I don’t know what the problem is here. They don’t seem to be ready to be open all year. Even if it seems like a good idea to stop, keep going by until they get things straightened out.

Original: 28 Feb 2015

Snowy But Sunny
Snowy But Sunny

Well, it took 3 weeks but we finally have few consecutive days where we can get out of town and start our trip to the Florida panhandle. We made it as far as Natural Bridge, Virginia. Long day and nasty cold but we got here. The low temperature last night was 13 degrees and there’s more than a foot of snow on the ground. They’re not used to that here. Sites were cleared with a golf cart with a plow blade. Interesting.

Temperature up to 17 and the sun came out by the time we went for showers. We were happy to be on our way.

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