Fort McAllister State Park, Richmond Hill, Georgia

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Fort McAllister was the last Confederate stronghold in William Tecumseh Sherman’s March To The Sea. Sherman needed supplies that were waiting just off the coast before beginning the fight for Savannah. On 13 Dec 1864, 4000 troops commanded by Brigadier General William Hazen stormed the fort and in less than fifteen minutes claimed victory over only 320 men in the fort. Resupplied and renewed in spirit, Sherman set his sights on Savannah, which would fall by Christmas.

Campground at Fort McAllister
Campground at Fort McAllister

We didn’t get to tour the remains of the fort.; nasty storms, heavy rains (2-3 inches) and even a tornado a bit to the south kept us inside. The campground was beautiful and work was in progress to upgrade about half of the sites to 50-amp full-hookups.

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